6 November 2011

Asian Fusion @ Zen Hideway, Seoul.

Zen Hideaway is stylish yet casual restaurant serving Asian fusion cuisine. Korean, Thai, Chinese and Japanese mainly. It's a firm favorite of mine because the food is always fresh and flavorful. There are three branches located in Apgujeong, Hongdae and Myeongdong.

Salmon and Vegetable Rolls.
Chicken Salad.

Pan seared Tenderloin with Pineapple.
The menu is extensive and seasonal; it changes a little depending on ingredients that are available. It always includes various salads, sushi and stir-fried rice and noodle dishes. It's moderate to expensive in price. Salads big enough for two to share come in around 16,000won, a plate of sushi rolls between 8,000-12,000won and stir-fried steak or seafood based dishes from 14,000 to 22,000won. There are of course some pricier options such as the pan seared steak with pineapple (pictured above) which cost close to 30,000 won.

The restaurants' unique interiors are part of the reason to visit these popular hotspots. Like their name, Zen Hideaway, these restaurants have been designed to evoke a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility. They successfully do just that. They're light and airy inside with lots of water features and lush plants. The most impressive interior is that of the Apgujeong branch. It has a large pond in the center of the restaurant which is open air during warmer months.

This restaurant is extremely popular with the young and trendy crowd so making a reservation is recommended, especially if you plan to visit during dinner hours or at the weekend. If you don't make a reservation there are waiting areas but I've seen queues build up quite rapidly, so you've been warned!

You can see the location of the three branches of Zen Hideaway at www.zenhideaway.com.

Zen Hideaway Apgujeong

Zen Hideaway Myeongdong




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