23 August 2011

Brunch @ Queen's Park, Cheongdam, Gangnam.

This Saturday morning I met up with a friend of mine to combine two of my favourite things, brunch and Queen's Park restaurant. The restaurant opens at 10.30 at the weekend and serves a lunch and brunch menu that's separate from their dinner menu.

There's plenty of options like french toast, pancakes, quiche, eggs Benedict and 'British breakfast', although it doesn't take a Brit to be able to tell this isn't a very authentic 'British' breakfast, it includes french fries of all things!

This restaurant is one of my favourite choices in Seoul, the restaurant itself is modern and elegant inside. It has a fresh bakery area and a small deli/salad counter. You can take out from both of these or choose items to have in the restaurant.

A very frothy Cappuccino - love froth, don't you?

B.L.T. sandwich with garden salad & french fries

Now, before you begin questioning this choice let me tell you one thing...

Living in Korea a sandwich such as this is not so easy to come by. I know because I've looked.

There's a fair amount of places that attempt sandwiches but sadly don't quite succeed.

If it's fermented cabbage, dried squid and varying degrees of spicy fried chicken and pork dishes you want then you're in luck but a good sandwich you'll have to really search for.

Sadly this B.L.T wasn't AWESOME. If I had the luxury of being able to be fussy about how my B.L.T. was made then I'd say it was a bit too heavily loaded with mayonnaise. Also the bread was that slightly sweet kind they're far too fond of here if you ask me!

Having said all this it still tasted pretty damn good to my poor little B.L.T deprived taste buds.

We also ordered American style blueberry pancakes. They were served with seasonal fruit which on this occasion meant blueberries and banana. It was pictured in the menu with strawberries which left my friend feeling a little disappointed though.

American pancakes with seasonal fresh fruit,
fru compote, fresh cream and maple syrup.

Yum, yum, yum, YUMMMMM!
If you like your pancakes thick and fluffy then these will be right up your street. The fruit compote and fresh cream was a great variation on the maple syrup I usually choose to drown my pancakes in.

The brunch overall was delightful, just the kind of thing I love. Food at Queen's Park is reliably good. I've never eaten anything on their menu that wasn't up to par. And believe me I've eaten a lot of their food!
Service is slick, waiters are always attentive and food arrives promptly.

Fresh muffins available to take out from the bakery.

Scones with a cup of tea, don't mind if I do....

I was keen to share my scrumptious brunch experience with you as soon as possible. In the very near future I will be putting up a post about Queen's Park as a dinner option too. With it I will include some photos of the restaurant itself. In the giddy excitement of brunching I totally forgot to get any pics! Useless aren't I!!. Check back soon for them.

Queens Park is located in Cheongdam. Go up the hill next to Once in a Blue Moon, opposite Rodeo Street, turn left at the top of that street. Queen's Park is on the left after just a few buildings.

View Queens Park in a larger map

The restaurant is highlighted in Pink. The blue place marks simply point out other things to help you find your way. If you need to call to find out more information or make a reservation there is usually an English speaking staff member at this restaurant.

Queens Park
83 18 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
Telephone: 02 542 4073

Visit the website ~ Queens-Park.co.kr

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