14 October 2011

Where to Buy Halloween Stuff in Korea.

It's approaching that spooky time of year. Halloween is just a few weeks away now and you might be wondering 'where can I get a Halloween costume in Korea?'. If you're a big Halloween fan then perhaps you're thinking of throwing a Halloween party but not sure if you can find decorations for it. Let's face it, it's not really a true Halloween party without the decorations is it?!

Well you'll be happy to hear that although not as popular as it is in England and more so America, Halloween is still celebrated here and you can get costumes and decorations if you know where to go.

Of course the first stop for most expats in Korea is Itaewon when you're looking for the special illusive items. In this case you will find some Halloween goodies but not a great deal. Last year there was a small shop nearby exit four. It sold a selection of costumes and Halloween accessories. I haven't yet checked if it's there again this year but I suspect it will be. It's worth checking out. However, as with most places in Itaewon selling these hard-to-come-by items, they are a little overpriced.

Now I'm going to let you in on a little secret. This is the place to go for your Halloween costume needs. It has the largest selection of Halloween related items that I have come across in Seoul to date. It's called Joy Party and it's located in Nonhyun-dong, very close to Gangnam-Gu Office Station.

Halloween stuff @ Joy Party, Seoul, Korea.

Some of the Costumes.

More Costumes.


Haloween Decorations @ Joy Party, Seoul.

A few more decorations.

And a few more.


Joy Party Store in Seoul, Korea.
As you can see the shop has a huge amount of stock. They've got most of the staple Halloween items, masks, costumes, angel wings, funny glasses, hats, decorations, Halloween Balloons, fake blood, vampire teeth, joke spiders. The list goes on but you get the picture!

The best thing is, it's actually really quite reasonably priced too. You might expect all Halloween stuff to be a bit of a rip-off here in Korea since it's largely imported. I know I did. This place actually sells things at a cheaper price than I used to pay in England and than I found online. I visited this year with a friend from America and she also agreed it was much cheaper than she was used to in America.

The store is open year round selling party supplies, costumes, joke items, balloons and seasonal stuff too. So it's worth a visit around Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter if you need something special.

Now that you've seen what it has to offer I guess I should tell you where it is, huh?!

How to get to Joy Party Store

Joy Party is located at Gangnam-gu Office Station on Line 7. Leave out of exit number 2 and walk in a straight line for about two to three minutes. You'll see the store.

It's open every day including Sundays until 10pm. 

Address: 1F Shinwoo Building, 239-4 Nonhyun-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea.

You can contact the store by telephone if you're looking for something in particular on 02 512 7768. The store owner speaks some English.

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Happy Halloween everyone!!


Anonymous said...

whooaaa!! really some scary stuff for halloween!! trick or treat?? thanks for posting... as always, your photos are so good..

UglyDuckling said...

No problem, glad you like the pictures! Please share the blog with your friends too. ^^

504GlobeTrotter said...

Do they sell costumes for women in full-figure/large/plus sizes? Thanks

UglyDuckling said...

I'm afraid to say I don't think they do, nope. They may have some in a western 'large' but they tend to be on the small size from costume companies I've noticed.
It's sadly often hard to find anything in a size other than 'tiny' in Korea. The shop does have a lot of wigs, masks, wings & accessories like glasses, gloves, halos, horns etc though. Could be worth a look. One size fits all! :)

I hope you manage to find something good to wear!

ck said...

3 days before Halloween weekend in Seoul, just when I thought there was no hope and I ran into your amazing blog for costumes! Thanks so much for sharing! Do you think they'll still have selection this late into the game? I know back in the States it's crazy at this time in the stores.

UglyDuckling said...

Yes I think they will do! They had quite a lot of stuff when I visited. It doesn't get half as crazy as it does at this time in America.

I know there's apparently one more store near Sangdo station on line 7 too somewhere, that could be your backup. I think you can find it through a google search.

Thanks for visiting!

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