5 September 2011

Diner Pub @ Garasou Gil

If only more bars in Seoul were like this. From the outside Diner Pub looks nothing more than a shabby pub/restaurant but you'd be wrong to pass this up based on appearances. The fact that it's busy every day is proof that it's doing something right. In my opinion it's because they've found the perfect balance for a place to go hang out casually with your friends. The price is right for what you get, especially given it's in a notoriously more expensive area (Garasou Gil). The music's good and there's no pretence here. It's relaxed. I love it.

I favor this place as a casual spot for a drink and some grub. I say grub because that's what you'll get here. It doesn't try to be fancy, if you want a sophisticated dinner go elsewhere! Instead of attempting to outdo all the other restaurants in the area this place serves a simple menu of things like burgers, nachos, basic pastas, fish'n'chips and a platter of assorted fried potatos.  The fanciest things on their menu are the smoked salmon with cucumber raita closely followed by their bruchetta. The thing is though this actually works because it does them right!

There's a choice of a few different burgers including this one which is the mushroom and cheese burger. The burgers are all priced around 8-9,000 won and I can tell you worth every won. I won't lie, they can't be good for your health (if I ate more than one every so often I'd be seriously concerned about not only my weight but also my arteries) but man are they juicy! They're all served with a side of potato wedges and a home made relish that has a little hint of spice, delicious!

I often visit this place but on this particular occasion I was there with my lovely friend (above) on a Friday after work. As always there was a wait for a table but we just left our number and went for a drink elsewhere first. If you prefer to you can prop the bar up until a table comes free.

To drink there's a good selection of beers, a choice of red or white house wine, sangria by the glass or pitcher and mojitos! I have to be honest and say these are not the greatest mojitos, I've had much better but they were also about double the price if not more in some cases. These are 8,000 won which is actually less than I've paid in Itaewon and we all know that's pretty much the cheapest place you can drink in Seoul.

What the pictures can't really convey is possibly one of the best aspects of this bar, the atmosphere. Because it's busy there's a constant hum of excited chit chat and laughter. The music here is good too, none of the all too common lounge music, electronic or Jason Mraz type stuff. This place plays popular tracks, mostly American Billboard type stuff, all upbeat and pretty current just adding to this places simple casual style.

Actually now that I'm writing this I'm not sure if I want to tell you where it is, it'll only mean I have to wait longer for my table :( It's one of those places that I almost want to keep secret.

I guess that's not the point of this blog though so I'll tell you...

Diner Pub is located on the street running parellel to Garasou Gil. You can get to Garasou Gil from either Sinsa or Apgujeong station on line 3. If you come from Sinsa it's the street to the left of Garasou Gil if you come from Apgujeong it's the one on the right hand side. If you walk along that street you'll see it somewhere in the middle. You can also check out my map of Garasou Gil if you want to know the exact spot you'll find it.

Diner Pub
Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 524-17
Telephone number: 02 3446 2422

Maybe I'll see you there. Enjoy!


Fabrizia said...

Hi!!what a lovely blog, I like it! sounds like you had a lot of fun, isn't it?
Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

Cosa mi metto???

Modern Seoul said...

I've got to check this out it looks great. Love the Blog.


Evyo said...

fyi, the nachos here are dope.


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