9 July 2011

Ganga - Authentic indian food fix

On Thursday evening in the pouring rain I decided to venture out for some indian food. There's a number of Indian restaurants that have sprung up around Seoul in the past few years. I have two favorites - Ganga and Dal - because the food's delicious, the settings are nice and there's always a good atmosphere.

I don't know why but every now and then I get a really big craving for Indian food. So anyway, this time I headed to Ganga. There's several branches in Seoul now but I went to the one located right next to Apgujeong Station.

I'm not an expert on authentic Indian food but an Indian family we knew who were living in Seoul said this place was their favorite and very close to the real thing they had back home. Actually if you're from the UK, you'll note some of the food is a bit different from the what you'll be used to but it's all still mouthwateringly delicious and packed with flavor.

As I mentioned before I like this restaurant because the setting is really nice and the atmosphere is good too. The restaurant is sophisticated with dark red walls and tasteful indian style decor. I like the solid wooden tables in particular which are large enough to fit all the food you'll want to order. A pet hate of mine is bad tables in restaurants. I'm talking about flimsy, wobbly or so small you have to perform balancing acts and slot your dishes together like a puzzle so they fit.

Inside Ganga Indian restaurant - Apgujeong branch

Since I had to be in work the next day I opted to stay off the Chardonnay but I've pictured the wine menu so you can see for youself what's on offer and get an idea of prices. Don't ask why but I didn't think to do this on the actual food menu. Next time I'll try and remember to think! 

Mango Lassi
For dinner we opted for two curries, Chicken Makhni and Chicken Haravara. The Makhni was sweet and creamy. It's a very mild curry but flavorful. The Haravara contained boneless chicken pieces mixed with spinach and a delicate mix of spices. It had a little kick but by Korean standards would be considered mild too. We ordered two saffron rices, a butter naan and a tandoori roti to accompany our meal. The waiter actually told us we'd ordered a lot of food, haha!

They gave us pickles which clearly isn't an authentic indian thing! They also give you some kind of onion side dish marinated in a spicy sauce, I can't get past the slimey texture but perhaps you'll enjoy them?! Somebody must do because they've been serving them for at least a year there.

Back - Chicken Makhni. Front - Chicken Haravara.
Butter Naan
I was so full after but my Indian craving's been satiated now. The whole meal was delicious and very filling, I'd recommend it to any of my friends. It definitely made a refreshing change from the all Italian and Korean restaurants here.

Ganga have a website that provides information about the menu and different store locations. The folks at Ganga have been considerate enough to make an English version so you can check it out for yourself before you go.

Ganga website in English!

If you've already made your mind up and don't need to browse the website then here is the map to find the Apgujeong branch. It's located at point A. Go to apgujeong station and come out of exit 3, turn and walk in the opposite direction to the exit. You'll see the sign for Ganga on the building with Cafe Pascucci and Hus Hu dental clinic in. The restaurant is on the 2nd floor in that building, there's plenty signs for you to follow!

View Larger Map

Enjoy yourself and feel free to leave a comment here to let me know what you thought!

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