4 July 2011

The beginning.

Hello everyone or should it be nobody?!

Starting out I don't know if anyone will read this, I certainly hope they will though. It's actually my aim to make this into something that lots of people will read. I'd like to share as much of Seoul as I can, with those that are here, those that are coming here and also those who simply have an interest in Korea and this city.
There's a lot of blogs out there about Seoul but sadly a lot of information isn't accessible to English speakers.
I don't intend to blog about anything and everything though, I'm just going to tell you about things I think are worth doing, places worth visiting and if you have any questions you can feel free to ask!

Early days - Me in Seoul - 2007
When I first arrived in Seoul, I was fascinated with all the cute food they sold. I didn't know the language and that used to intimidate me when trying new places. Way too often in the very early days I opted for a name I knew. The photo above was taken in a Dunkin Donuts if I remember correctly. It didn't taste as good as it looked sadly :(

I wish I'd known better.

Here's hoping I can successfully provide you the luxury of my hindsight!

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